The Greenhoose is full

The green house full to bursting with wee trees

The greenhouse is full to bursting with wee trees

I cannot get on with growing my cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs and salad this year as there are over 200 grafted pear trees in the green house!!!!

More evidence in close up!!

This one is a grey Benvie

This one is a Grey Benvie

The Grey Benvie is a Scottish Heritage pear and hails from a very wee village just ootside Dundee.
Soon they are getting ‘pit oot intae’ the big wild world.

Cold Frame

Watch this space… This is where they are going.  Sooner rather than later…. can’t stay in the greenhouse much longer. It will get too hot.


About lejardineduroyaume

The property has a walled garden and an orchard containing 50 fruit trees which date back to the 15th Century. These fairly mature trees need to be replaced by grafting scions onto root stock to create young trees. I would also like to get more from my garden by growing my own vegetables, salads and herbs. I would also like help my significant other to re-establish a physic garden on this site.
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