Potting up Irises and hanging baskets not….. reading in the shade

Forecast was for another sweltering day….. so I thought do not be too ambitious- so like no digging or heavy work….. something slower…. So thought some potting up would be about right….. needed some soil first but this wouldn’t be too bad as all I had to do was lift a bit of ‘ground covering material’ for keeping down the weeds.  This is my significant others favourite garden plant and planting method… black plastic. Would it be cruel to show photographic evidence.

Ok got the soil…. Now to get the Irises I dug up in March during the last heat wave… found them abandoned by the path with the weeds growing up around them at least they had not dried out too much.

An Iris escapee out by drive

My irises are not in flower in the garden yet probably because they are living in overcrowded conditions they don’t like that. This one is just outside the gate on the drive…… mine do look like this when they flower….. So which variety are they I think they are an old variety. Opinions please on how much they do look like the image below.

Is this it

Taking photos outside and then a photograph of a page of a book has its limitations….. the colours are not quite the same.  But in real life looking at the marking and the true colour of the iris as I see it this is a really close match.

Why is it important to be certain….. (1) They need to indentified (2) The book this image came from is shown below….. therefore these irises could have been growing here for over 3oo years. (3) I need a picture to take with me to show people at what they look like and what variety they are when I go to the Makers Market next Saturday in Newburgh. I hope to sell a few of the Irises I have dug up (hence the potting up) … to make money to buy other plants. Oh should also mention that the SO has given me permission to flog a few of his wee Heritage Pear Trees there too.  Wonder if he will give me a commission.

My significant other got this book on line a few days ago…… It is wonderful… can’t put it down

Any way I had to abandon my task of potting up the irises……

As the temperature soared I stuck the lot into a shady spot behind the cold frame and went inside for lunch

Going to go back outside now that I have had lunch….. I will get the parasol out and sit under the shade of the giant bay laurel and put the herbs and tomato plants into the hanging baskets instead (I started to do that last week but then we had a forecast for frost and snow…. so they have been on the kitchen window ever since…. they should of been in the greenhouse but it was Full of Wee Trees see previous blog The greenhouse is Full).  If it is not cool enough to do that I will carry on with my swotting up on plants….. see below for the books I am carrying around the garden at the moment.

I am searching for the ultimate book on gardening in Scotland…. it has to concentrate on Scotland as stuff that does alright south of the border does not survive for very long here…. couple of winter like we just had and they are gone forever. It also needs to cover stuff that rabbits do not like, old heritage plants grown in Scotland, making your garden more self sufficient…. ie less digging and weeding and more relaxing and enjoying watching stuff grow on its own.

So in my search for the ultimate book all suggestions are welcome.

At the moment the Broons is the best guide…… the other books have you planting stuff out way too early and suggesting stuff that we do not get a long enough season to grow here in the Kingdom of Fife.


About lejardineduroyaume

The property has a walled garden and an orchard containing 50 fruit trees which date back to the 15th Century. These fairly mature trees need to be replaced by grafting scions onto root stock to create young trees. I would also like to get more from my garden by growing my own vegetables, salads and herbs. I would also like help my significant other to re-establish a physic garden on this site.
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