How close is ‘too close’ to a wasps nest!!

Just a wee update on my progress….. Well since the weather has turned and it is raining again not much progress has been made. So that being the case I will just upload a few images of the flowers in bloom in my garden this week. These were taken just as the clouds rolled in.

My significant other had passed a comment that I should get closer to the flowers and insects to get better photographs….. So here are some close ups.

This is the same Iris featured in my blog Potting up Irises… but from a different angle

Now I said on my previous blog on Irises that all the Irises in my garden were the same variety.  But what I did not notice was that at the time the flowers were not fully open.   So when I went to photograph some more Irises round in front of the Castle….

mmm……. wait up…… there is a bit of gold on this one

I saw a flash of gold.   So I went in for a closer look….

It definitely has gold on it

Now a couple of days had passed since I had taken the photos of the the first lot I went back to check…..

No gold on this one…..

If the images are slightly blurry I apologize it was because the wind was blowing them aboot!!! That is why I had to hold this one and steady it.

Today I got some 8 by 6 prints of the Irises from a well known Chemist. I also got some really small ones to use as wee labels to give to the folk who buy my Irises at the Makers Market in Newburgh a week on Saturday.  My significant others ‘wee’ Heritage Pears Trees will be for sale there too.

I have also been practising making up bunches of cottage garden flowers to sell there too.  I did the table flowers for a Vintage Wedding last year. They were featured in a Bridal magazine.

A bunch of cottage garden flowers

I don’t think that the bluebells and the narcissi were in flower at the same time, as the peony roses and the lupins this time last year.  Makes a striking combination though.   Mmmm I think I used the wrong exposure setting on this the colours are not right.

One more piccie, but it is a bit blurry…..  I was nervous of getting any closer.

Don’t come any closer

It is a wasp’s nest on the inside of the roof of the garden shed…… I used the ZZZOOOOMMM lens and my hands were shaking a bit.  I know I am a coward, but just to justify myself.  I have been stung on the hand before when I was picking plums and it swelled up. You know what they say ‘once bitten, twice shy’.



About lejardineduroyaume

The property has a walled garden and an orchard containing 50 fruit trees which date back to the 15th Century. These fairly mature trees need to be replaced by grafting scions onto root stock to create young trees. I would also like to get more from my garden by growing my own vegetables, salads and herbs. I would also like help my significant other to re-establish a physic garden on this site.
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5 Responses to How close is ‘too close’ to a wasps nest!!

  1. kevin says:

    the wasp bike has been abandonded for 2 years

  2. I would like you to know that i have spent the last hour trying unsuccessfully to create a blog and am about to be sectioned!!!

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