A riot has broken out in the Orchard …. The Flowers are winning

After yesterdays update on weed and pest control in the garden I thought today a wee show of what is in flower in the garden this week was in order.  I have some really big borders in the garden and I am trying to fill them up with perennials that will out compete the weeds.  I also want to keep the garden as bee friendly as possible so I leave some of the nicer looking weeds in if they behave.

I took a friend around the garden the other day and all I could see was weeds in the biggest flower border.  Over the weekend I have done some weeding in the other borders but yesterday I thought I would tackle the big border. I felt psyched up and ready for it.  To my surprise when I got there I had to play spot the weed. So I am happy to report that my plan is working, Yippee!!! The flowers are winning.

An Azalea

Purple rhododendron

I thought that the Rhododendrons never flowered in this garden…… I have never seen them flower before.   They must have been flowering during the seasonal monsoon every other year and I have missed them.

Red rhododendron

More surprises

Hiding in the grass



Day lily

Yellow honey suckle

A completely Yellow Flag Iris by the pond

I am really beginning to regret saying that all the Irises in the garden were the same colour.  I must have thought this was a really late daffodil every other year ….. maybe it was raining and I did not look out the window properly.  I have been informed that the Yellow Flag Iris is a native of Scotland and the marshy conditions by the pond as just right for it.   I am running out of excuses now with regard to my Iris spotting ability …. but their are still some more Irises to flower yet, so as to how many colours there are out there that still remains to be seen.

Have a guess what this is…..

My fruit makes nice Jelly

The flowers were really big, I have never seen such big flowers on a bramble bush.  Does this mean we will get bigger brambles. Time will tell.

This red and pink Broom greets the bees at the garden gate.


Finishing off with multicolored display from the Lupins which grow like weeds in this garden. Significant Other does think that they are weeds.  I managed to get a view of more  than one colour from the top corner of The Orchard. I might do another blog on just Lupins as everyone one always admires the variety of different colours. The smell in June from these is really heady.

Front ones are white and purple and this view looks down hill at some of the rest


About lejardineduroyaume

The property has a walled garden and an orchard containing 50 fruit trees which date back to the 15th Century. These fairly mature trees need to be replaced by grafting scions onto root stock to create young trees. I would also like to get more from my garden by growing my own vegetables, salads and herbs. I would also like help my significant other to re-establish a physic garden on this site.
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3 Responses to A riot has broken out in the Orchard …. The Flowers are winning

  1. source says:

    Amazing article, thank you, I will visit again later!

  2. kininvie says:

    Hi, I love the blog, and I envy you your orchard. Did you know you can get a nice white variety of the yellow flag? It’s pseudocorus alba – much less pushy than its yellow cousin. It would make a nice addition to your iris collection.

  3. I will post more views of the orchard as the fruit starts to mature. I am glad I managed to capture the flowers on camera before the rain set in as they are all getting a real battering now. Thanks for the tip about the yellow flag irises but there are only a few of them just now. I will keep an eye out for the white variety of iris you suggested.

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