The lintel over the entrance to the garden and orchard

This inscription over the entrance to the garden and orchard reads in Latin.


Translations of this Latin phrase vary.

Look don’t Touch or Tis better for the eyes than the hands.

One could be a warning not to mess about in there, as the garden once contained medicinal plants and these could have be dangerous in the wrong hands.

The other version that the garden looks lovely but it takes a lot of work to get it like that…….

My thoughts always tend toward the latter version as I gaze out over the weeds after it has been raining. But I still come across the occasional medicinal plant too…. St John’s Wort and Foxgloves are plentiful in this garden to name just two.

I should maybe explain how our garden has such an old lintel over the entrance.  We have a ruined castle in our garden. The Balfours of Denmylne once lived in the castle.  Sir Andrew Balfour had a Physic Garden on this site and was involved in the setting up of the original Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh.


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