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The pond and Rockery aka The rain garden

The Forecast is rain solid for the next three days so I can say with some certainty that the Annual Monsoon Season has arrived here in Scotland. (Well we must be allowed to call the rainy season from June till … Continue reading

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A riot has broken out in the Orchard …. The Flowers are winning

After yesterdays update on weed and pest control in the garden I thought today a wee show of what is in flower in the garden this week was in order.  I have some really big borders in the garden and I … Continue reading

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How close is ‘too close’ to a wasps nest!!

Just a wee update on my progress….. Well since the weather has turned and it is raining again not much progress has been made. So that being the case I will just upload a few images of the flowers in … Continue reading

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Potting up Irises and hanging baskets not….. reading in the shade

Forecast was for another sweltering day….. so I thought do not be too ambitious- so like no digging or heavy work….. something slower…. So thought some potting up would be about right….. needed some soil first but this wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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